terça-feira, 26 de julho de 2011

Who am I and why you should read me

I´m Diego, 35 years old in 2011, born and raised on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The beach was always close to my house. Yes, I work out.

I´m an out-of-the-closet well resolved gay guy. My family, co-workers, everybody knows (I told the world when I was 19) because to me being gay is the most common and normal thing there is. For you it´s not?

For years now I have a blog in brazilian portuguese, on which I talk about life issues, especially the ones envolving gay people.  This is my life and my reality. So I decided now to write a blog in english, to see where it´s gonna take me.

I´m a journalist, an actor and I also graduated in advertising. Words are my tools. I´m writing a play now, as well.

My idea is to provoke you, to make you think, and above all, to be honest. I don´t wanna fool you (or myself), I don´t wanna waste my time or anybody´s. I want to change something on you, and of course on me in this process.

A lot of people think that gay guys are all about parties, drugs, sex and fun. Well, I´m not into parties (not anymore, at least), I don´t drink, don´t smoke and never used drugs (yeah, not even pot). But I have a lot of sex, being a gay (and single) guy in Rio de Janeiro (you can imagine....). And I love fun, but, what the hell, who doesn´t?

So, be prepared to think about some life-altering questions and some controversy. But also to read news from Brazil and to know what is like to be a gay guy from Rio, in Rio.

Maybe we can meet when you visit my city or maybe I can meet you when I come to yours and hey, it´s gonna be your turn to tell me how it is to be gay in your shoes.

Welcome, then. ;)

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